Speaking dothraki

Next week there will be midterms, my chinese language teacher gleefully anounced. Today l tried to study but my eyes drooped heavily into dream land. Studying chinese is boring and painful to the eyes. Who on earth thought it would be amusing to use characters for words. No wonder every chinese person you meet wears glasses.

How does dothraki come into all this, l would rather be studying a language that is being made up as each episode goes. No exams because hey, there is no word for book in dothraki, cool. The chinese if they want to enslave Africa, (though they argue they are not doing so), would benefit the poor African by making their language simpler and sexy or just forget their language and start speaking dothraki.


The Real Life of One (Crazy) Tenured Professor

Reassigned Time 2.0

So, of course everybody was linking to this Slate essay a few weeks back, and then Karen Kelsky responded, and I also read this response that I thought was really excellent, and now Karen Kelsky has another response up by a guest blogger.

This post isn’t so much about responding to any of the above, except for that I wouldn’t be writing it if this conversation weren’t happening through all of these pieces.  It just occurred to me, as I read the latest installment, that people who earn tenure don’t actually talk very much about what that’s like.  I know when I was on the tenure-track, I was all, “I must speak the truth of what this is like!”  and I was like that because I felt like Nobody Ever Talked About That To Me!!!  (In hindsight: people did talk about that to me, but I never…

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Chinese rich pepple

Yesterday l decided to visit a shopping mall near changchun railway station. On my way back, l noticed a chinese couple driving an expensive black porshe caymera. I was surprised by this, but my mind started asking how is it that the chinese can afford to buy expensive cars, when the chinese are supposedly receiving low salaries.

Hmm, l wonder how they get the money, l want in on the action as well.